About Us

VTG India a Bangalore, India, based IT solutions company has a simple and clear objective , to make our customer’s  IT needs easier by  offering  dynamic combination of design and technology that boosts business with decided economic advancements.

With its aims set on active expansion in the IT and open source technologies sector in India, VTG India  is charging ahead adding more facets to the existing software development business, diversifying their existing portfolio of software product development with added services that include IT Infrastructure Management and a host of other exclusive IT Software Services.

We base our service model on the “simple best practices” which have been established and proven that offers customers the distinct advantage of customized and cutting edge technology that adds value to their workspaces in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our 30 people strong team strives to understand the specifics of the customers’ enterprise and study the challenges of the business in the rapidly changing business environment.

The single most important asset in the software consulting business is people. We have the best & dedicated of people, whose only passion is to provide the best to customers always. We are Proud of OUR team. That’s IT.

Management Team:

Mr. Vidyanag MR,
Founder Director, Vidyanag Training Guru Private Limited.,

Worldwide Business Trainer & Winning Strategist

Top notch training professional, offering a distinguished and insightful exposure of over 25 + years spearheading the efforts in Corporate Training & Development across diverse industries in different capacities. Experience also includes entrepreneurial enterprise in IT Training across high-growth environments.

An onsite resource model coupled with a keen approach ensures we deliver high quality solutions that are ideal and specific to the customer in question.

At VTG India, we understand the importance of trust and business ethics to achieve mutual and stable ongoing growth.

Every customer we approach, we do so, on the assumption of a long-term relationship, and fuel our individual services to our customers with the desire to develop and foster a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.